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Today I saw the movie The Other Guys (2010). About halfway through I realized it was Adam McKay's first pass at The Big Short.

This is another other big comedy action movies like Tropic Thunder, but this one kind of sort of tries to send a message about investment fraud in an over the top way. It doesn't quite kick into the message of the movie until the final credits when several great info-graphics about the financial crisis. It's almost such a difference in tone to be it's own short film attached to a longer comedy much like the first section of Monty Python's Meaning of Life where the first bit of the movie is set apart from the rest.

The other day I was thinking about how interesting it was that in the 90's and a little in the early 2000's movies would have Rage Against the Machine songs thrown in and it would make the movie seem like it has more of a message to it like Michael Moore movies, The Matrix, and Godzilla. Oddly the RATM song in Godzilla is one of the best songs made for a movie and the monster is only referenced to say that it's not the real "killa." I think after Godzilla, Rage Against the Machine was very selective about where their music was licensed so it's funny to see it in this movie, especially since it's either a joke or changes the tone of the movie.

I think when this movie came out I was reluctant to see it after the mindless barrage of Will Ferrell movies of recent years but this one re-engaged me to his comedy and I revisited some of his other flicks. Not all of them gained new appreciation but I had more of an open mind to laugh my butt off. All of this considered, I don't think I have any desire to ever see Ferrell and Wahlberg team up again in Daddy's Home. That looks like it's human garbage of a film.

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