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Chapter 12

We keep going back to the Patan Durbar Square as it is one of our favorite places to go and is a short cab ride or managable walk away.  It's smaller than the Kathmandu Durbar square but it is in better shape, less crowded and much closer.  We like seeing more and more little details that we had not seen before.  We also enjoy watching as the local people start repairing and reconstructing different landmarks.  The last time we went, we visited the shops just north of the square and found a store of all metal works.  The proprietor told us about how his family had been selling singing bowls for generations and his generation had started making them as well.


He demonstrated on a singing bowl that had water in it by running a stick around the edge.  This caused a vibration that resonated a sound and the water inside started bubbling like amplified carbonation, jumping and misting into the air.  He later demonstrated how singing bowls could "cure migraines and calm back tightness."  I think the simple action of sitting with my eyes closed, feeling the vibrations and listening to the calm hum relaxed me.  My fiance's headache seemed to go away from either the vibration or the cup of tea she drank just before.  He was a very nice shop owner and sold us a few smaller items.  He had said he learned English just from working in his shop and interacting with tourists who would come to talk to him.  He seemed to have a good business plan of being welcoming and accommodating without being intrusive.  I still think the woman at the monkey temple is going to find us to knock on our door to give us her pair of earrings for an all new low low price.










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