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Chapter 13

We had a very small earthquake one night and we barely knew it was happening.  It was just before bed, and we were just getting settled when I felt something odd.  It reminded me of when one of our cats in Arizona jumping down on the bed and shaking the mattress.  I quickly realized we do not have our cats here and it shook a half second longer than normal.  Earlier on in our trip there were times I would walk down the street that I thought I felt the earth move slightly.  However, there was also the high probability I was just dehydrated and jet lagged as there were no reports of any seismic activity. 


I asked my fiance if she felt anything and she said she did not, but that she did hear a loud rumble from outside.  Just after she said that, we noticed that all the neighborhood dogs were barking, seemingly worried it would keep shaking.  I have to say it was pretty clear that the dogs did not bark or try to run away before the shaking as urban legends would lead us to believe.  We looked around for important things for a brief evacuation out to the front yard before going back inside when we realized there wasn't much of a sense of danger and the locals didn't seem rattled by the recent shaking.










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