North By Northwest and James Bond

This month North By Northwest was showing at our local theater but my wife and I decided we would make an at home date night out of watching it while our toddler was being babysat in the other room rather than risk going out during the recent blackouts in California. Lucky for us we had already stocked up on popcorn and set up a TV in another room so that we could only be disturbed by a rambunctious nearly two year old two or three times. In North By Northwest (1959) Cary Grant is Roger Thornhill, and maybe even George Kaplan, for a Hitchcock thriller about a man on the run. He’s an ad man in New York City whose identity is mistaken while getting up to make a phone call in a hotel lobby. He’

The Extra 2% of Moneyball is Good Enough

With the Rays and A's colliding in the AL Wild Card Game this year I felt it was only appropriate to revisit this post from May of 2018 about the sabermetric strategies of the teams from Oakland and Tampa Bay that inspired books about some of the best runs in the histories of both teams. This year they are facing off as the byproducts of a couple of unorthodox strategies. The A's rely on home run power at a bargain, yet they were also the beneficiaries of stellar defense from their 3B Matt Chapman, 1B Matt Olson and CF Ramon Laureano. Chapman was the Wilson Platinum Fielder of the year last year and the Rays Kevin Kiermaier is considered the best centerfielder in the majors as well. The Rays

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