Inception and Spellbound

Alfred Hitchcock was fascinated by the subconscious. In the 1940’s books about Freud were on the coffee tables everywhere in Los Angeles. It was little wonder that Hitch would center a movie around solving a mystery using dreams. In one of his earliest Hollywood films, Spellbound (1945), Gregory Peck is a mystery man with a mysterious past who isn’t quite sure if he killed the man he is impersonating at a Vermont insane asylum. With the help of a beautiful psychoanalyst played by Ingrid Bergman and an old Austrian doctor that isn’t Freud, Peck investigates his dreams to learn what the hell is going on. This month we take a look at dreams with Spellbound and Christopher Nolan's Inception (201

The 1934 MLB Tour of Japan

This month we take a look at two rather obscure players that crossed paths during the 1934 MLB tour of Japan, Moe Berg and Eiji Sawamura, neither of whom never made much of an in Major League Baseball, but both are great figures of World War II and made their own impacts on the world of baseball. The baseball season had concluded with the final out on the field after a chilly game in Detroit in October of 1934. Dizzy Dean threw a shutout and the Cardinals had defeated the Tigers in seven games, but it was not this World Series pitching performance that had the most impact of 1934. The most important things to happen in the world of baseball in 1934 happened after the players had stepped off

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