Rebecca, 1940 and 2020

This month Netflix released a new adaptation of the book Rebecca, directed by Ben Wheatley. This was the second “big screen” adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier’s 1938 book, the first coming from Alfred Hitchcock in 1940. I hadn’t seen the Hitchcock movie before so I figured this would be a good double feature of “new-to-me” movies. Both movies come from the same source material and the stories don’t really stray from each other. The themes are pretty much the same in both movies and the actors even look kind of similar, especially in the supporting roles. This is kind of a ghost story, either in the memories of the people of the people who knew Rebecca or perhaps an actual ghost of the estate.

More to 1919: The Amazing Story of Ray Caldwell

Midway through this season, I saw a tweet about something that happened "on this date in baseball" from 1919 that I had completely missed when writing about that season. Baseball games started a few weeks late that year as players that served in the Great War were coming back from Europe and reporting back to their teams. It was a short taste of a pitcher named Ray Caldwell, a guy I had never heard of before, which led me into a bit of a research rabbit hole about the game and the man. In his time, Ray Caldwell was compared to the Hall of Famers of his time. In his ability as a pitcher he was compared to Cristie Matthewson, Walter Johnson and Rube Waddell. He was also, unfortunately compared

Greyhound and Lifeboat

This month I watched the new Tom Hanks movie about a WWII allied naval convoy in the Atlantic that is being terrorized by a German U-Boat. I figured this would be a good chance for a Hitchcock double feature with a movie about the aftermath of a U-Boat attack, Lifeboat. Lifeboat (1944) opens on the immediate aftermath of a passenger ship that has been sunk, evidence of the sinking float in the water giving us the story of the ship before panning over to a large wooden lifeboat. The boat ends up being populated with a broad range of characters, a middle-aged reporter, a millionaire, a steward, an engine room worker, and Army nurse and others. One of the last to be pulled aboard is a middle ag

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