Hot Fuzz and To Catch a Thief

This month I watched an old favorite from Edgar Wright, Hot Fuzz (2007) and an old movie I had never seen before from Alfred Hitchcock, To Catch a Thief (1955). I really didn't know anything about To Catch a Thief except that Steven Soderbergh used it for inspiration for Ocean's 12 and that it seems to be a bit of a romantic comedy and heist movie. Edgar Wright's Hot Fuzz is a movie about an over achieving London police officer played by Simon Pegg that is making everyone else look bad so he is transferred to the country to get him out of the way. Pegg’s character, Nicolas Angel, had broken up with his girlfriend played by Cate Blanchett’s eyes so he takes his few belongings to his new post

The Bobby Grich-verse

The second base position is one of the least represented in the Hall of Good Enough. It’s the one position that has the least expectation in all of baseball, kind of like a punter in football, but with actual value. It is unlikely second base prospects will be drafted in the early rounds, or rank in the top 100 prospects as the position is expected to be filled by players moving positions as they develop and franchise needs arise. Bobby Grich was player who could play anywhere on the infield even as a slick fielding shortstop, but his heart was at second base. While in the Orioles farm system he was blocked by “Dave” Johnson, a Gold Glover and All-Star second baseman from 1968 to ‘71. “Davey

Fantasy Movie Making in the MCU Part 1

Around the time that Stan Lee died Filmstruck posted a short documentary about his relationship with french director Alain Resnais whose career in feature films ran from the 1950’s to the 2010’s. Resnais was considered a rather serious director whose films Hiroshima Mon Amour, Last Year In Marionbad, and Je t'aime, Je t'aime utilized very unorthodox storytelling techniques, sometimes avant guard, and concerned the dropping of the a-bomb and nazi collaborators, maybe an afterlife in limbo, and a man being trapped in untethered time travel whose time machine is a giant weird bean. Resnais was hardly a mainstream director, but he desperately wanted to work with Lee and desperately wanted to mak

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