Ten Years Later: 2009 Movies

This year I made it a little early through the movies of five years ago for the 2009 Hindsight Awards. This is my project to watch through the movies from five and ten years ago to see what held up, what passed me by at the time and what grew stale. I’ve made a top everything over on Letterboxd but this list is of the top twenty plus a few awards. Here are the actual Academy Award nominees and winners from the 2010 Oscars for reference. Instead of deciding between lead and supporting actors and actresses I have awarded two outstanding actors and two outstanding actresses as well as a best ensemble casting. 2009 was a year that was top heavy with prestige films from great directors, even as t

Mock 2020 Hall of Fame Ballot

Just about two years ago I kicked off the Hall of Good Enough with a mock Hall of Fame ballot. Two Hall of Fame classes later and six of those ten players, Vlad Guerrero, Trevor Hoffman, Chipper Jones, Edgar Martinez, Mike Mussina and Jim Thome were inducted and Fred McGriff dropped off the ballot after his ten years were up. That leaves three guys, two that I still have on my mock ballot and Gary Sheffield who I now have bumped out my ten, he would probably be my #12 or #13 guy. There are no hard and fast rules for who should be a Hall of Famer but there is a character clause that is up to the discretion of individual voters, and statistical benchmarks where voters either worship the new go

Washington Baseball is Good Enough

The Washington Nationals won the first World Series in their franchise history and the first for a DC baseball team since 1925. That's a drought that includes two different Washington Senators teams (now the Twins and Rangers), the Montreal Expos and the current team, the Nationals. This post includes a lot of the players of those teams from the Extinct Teams post, two posts on the great fielding outfields and a piece from a post on active players. Some of these guys are favorites of those that I have researched in this Hall of Good Enough project. They come from multiple posts, mainly from the Extinct Teams post, but also from the Greatest Fielding Outfields, The history of the Reds, the po

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