The Darjeeling Limited and Strangers on a Train

Strangers on a Train (1951) is one of the first movies in this batch that I had not seen before it came up as a movie of the month so I went out on a limb to pair it with Darjeeling Limited (2007). It was a natural pairing because I didn’t know anything about Strangers aside its use of at least one train and because of my love of one of Wes Anderson’s more underrated movies, Darjeeling Limited, a film named after a train line. In Strangers, two men meet on a train, both realizing they have that one certain person in their own lives that seem to be a key impediment to their happiness, one of the men comes up with a hypothetical where they swap murders in order to take away motive from any in

The Lefty Knuckleballer

This Saturday I put the White Sox/Blue Jays game to see that the Blue Jays were starting a left hander who throws a knuckleball, Ryan Feierabend. It's not his main pitch, it's his number three pitch and picking it up was his ticket back to the MLB after five years away from The Show, but it's an incredibly rare trait in a pitcher. The announcers were in the middle of talking about how rare of an appearance it was when his second pitch of the game gave up an absolute bomb of a home run to Leury Garcia. The White Sox broadcast team had an expert, former White Sox left handed knuckleballer, Wilbur Wood (1967-'78), available to call in and illuminate a little about his time in Chicago as Feierab

Ghost Dog and Rashomon

Recently, I was checking off my list of reviewed Jim Jarmusch movies on Letterboxd and had a little trouble finding a streaming option for just one title. Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai (1999) isn’t for rent to stream and nor is it available to buy new on DVD or Blu-Ray. eBay was the only option to find an out of print DVD, adding to a shopping list with Scorsese’s Kundun, another out of print film from a great filmmaker. Scorese ran into a bit of problem with continued distribution of his Dalai Lama biopic as the government of China didn’t appreciate the political swipe. About ten bucks later and standard wait time for shipping, and I was transported back to the late ‘90’s. These old DVDs ha

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