April: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

There has been some household excitement for this year's installment from the Wizarding World so we have gone back to see the first prequel movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016). We get a look at the magical effects on 1920's New York and get a more detailed look at Fantastic Beasts beyond Hagrid's shack. It's a new view of magic than the Harry Potter films as we follow adults rather than students and even get the perspective of a "Muggle," or "No-Maj." We are introduced the to the character Newt Scamander, played by Eddie Redmayne, a magical focus on animals rather than spells, and the story covertly tells of the capture of Grindewald, who is a bit of a Voldemort with a hair

Swiss Army Baby

We noticed one of our cats would subtly change the way his face would look just before he was about to do something crazy. By crazy I mean losing control of his teeth, claws and sometimes tail. He has this tendency to forget he has a tail, get surprised by it flopping around and attack it. We would call this new face of his, "kitten face" as he would seem to revert to a younger stage of life. This involves sticking his nose out and widening his eyes but he would seem like a whole new cat. It seems the baby has learned from the cat and has decided that when it comes to being a baby, it's best to be eight babies. No, that isn't a problem in translation software. Most of the day there is a defa

Extinct Teams Are Good Enough

I was planning on this post before the passing of Rusty Staub, but it's especially fitting to write about the stars of the Expos and other extinct teams now considering that Staub was the very first superstar in Montreal and his influence on the city cemented a French-Canadian love of baseball. It's a fitting time to celebrate the Montreal Expos, St. Louis Browns, Seattle Pilots and both Washington Senators franchises. Montreal Expos The Expos were the very first MLB game I ever attended in person so the idea of extinct teams brings a little nostalgia. The Expos never played in a World Series although their best chance was in the 1994 strike season that had no champion. The Expos were in Mon

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