March: Missions: Impossible

This month I dove into the series of Mission: Impossible movies from 1996 to 2015. The series is based on the TV show from the late '60's-early '70's that was a reaction to the James Bond movies that had an emphasis on a team of spies rather than an individual hero. I believe I've only seen a couple of reruns of the original series back in the mid-nineties and even though I don't remember quite what happened in the episode but I do remember it left me with a feeling of excitement from the opening credit theme song and burning fuse. While the movie series seems to be based around the superhuman stunts of Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt character, he always has a team affiliated with him even if a lot

The Players of 2018 Are Good Enough

This is for the veterans and not so veterans that are making great cases for their shot at Cooperstown but may slide their ways down the ballot like a Jorge Posada, Kenny Lofton or David Cone. These guys still have time to hit the big milestones of 3000 hits, 500 home runs, or 250 wins (lets not get unrealistic with 300 wins anymore) but it's more likely they'll fall short and need to rely on their fame to get in the Hall. The reputation or celebrity bump from Hall of Fame voting can be a bit out of balance. Guys like Ichiro, Pujols, Trout, Kershaw won’t be here, they’re slam dunks. These are the fringe players that need a little reminder that they could be all-timers. I also won’t be going

"It All Changes, Man."

After we announced my wife was pregnant I noticed I was getting the same advice that wasn't advice from a few guy friends. They would be congratulatory before leaning in and saying in a hushed tone "you know, it all changes..." After the lean in they would rock back and forth giving a thousand yard stare so intense that it was as though they had went off to a jungle war only to see all their friends killed off by a camouflaged heat-seeking alien. It's almost as though they were warning us that we would be surprised by a tiny living thing that would poop its pants and need to pay for college in 18 years. If the change would be that suddenly my physical activity would change from pull-ups and

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