Twelve Angry Men and Rope

This month we look at two movies that keep the viewer captive in a room to discuss murder and justice mostly in real time. Rope was Hitchcock's response to critics who said that he was a one-trick director who relied on dramatic cuts to tell his stories and create suspense. Rope only a few cuts in the whole movie, most of which are hidden within the frame to seem as though the movie is a continuous cut. Twelve Angry Men was Sidney Lumet's first movie and it was pretty much assigned to him on the recommendation of Henry Fonda who had worked with him in the theater. Lumet didn't choose the material, but it was defined by his signature themes of justice or fairness. One of the threads most comm

Five Years Later: 2013 Movies

As we draw closer to the end of awards season it's time to take a look back at the movies from five years ago to see through hindsight to see what holds up. What has gone stale, what needed a second realization of greatness, and what holds up from 2013? Was it a good year for movies or a bit of a snooze? There are so many questions and I'll probably not bother to get around to all of it, but I will supply a top 20 here and a top everything over on Letterboxd. Here are the actual Academy Award nominees and winners from the 2014 Oscars for reference. Instead of deciding between lead and supporting actors and actresses I have awarded two outstanding actors and two outstanding actresses as well

Ten Years Later: 2008 Movies

Why stick with five years of Hindsight Awards when we can also go back ten? 2008 was a big year for comedies and animated movies. Although there were some notable dramas, it was the year that a super villain won an Oscar and Marvel Studios kicked off the MCU with a bang. There were still reverberations of the writers strike from 2007-08 that resulted in some of the worst movies I've ever seen (I'm looking at you, Transformers 2 and GI Joe) that came out the next year. Yet, the Bond movie Quantum of Solace ended up being a well made movie despite the strike.. Here are the actual Academy Award nominees and winners from the 2009 Oscars for reference and the ranked list of all of the 2008 movies

Harold Baines Versus...

The Harold Baines selection to the Hall of Fame through the veterans committee has been categorized as “baffling” by most, good for a good guy by some and bullshit by many. Baines’ was a soft talking designated hitter whose most interesting characteristic as a player was his long career and sizable hit tally. His former minor league manager and later manager with the A’s Tony La Russa marveled at Baines’ sweet swing and clutch hitting late in games as he cited him as a top 4 or 5 hitter in his time. His position as a designated hitter and quiet demeanor were explanations for his very low Hall of Fame vote totals by the writers. Last year and this year there has been a bit of a reckoning wher

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