A Serious Man and Vertigo

There's going to be a little change to the Movie of the Month this year. Now instead of being about one movie or a long watch list of movies, I'm going to write about pairings of movies. These will often pair a movie from a great director of the twenty-first century with an Alfred Hitchcock movie. There might be months where I write about another great director from the past rather than Hitch, but for the most part, I'll be going through his filmography and comparing it to a movie with a related theme of some sort. For the first month I'm kicking it off with Hitchcock's Vertigo (1958) and the 2009 Coen brother's movie, A Serious Man. The British Film Institute does a poll from people in the

The Outfields Part Two: American League

This month we dive into the best defensive outfields to have played together in the American League. There are still the same questions of the value of statistics, word of mouth and accolades and the introduction of advanced statistics to shed just a little more light on defensive prowess. Last Month: Part One: National League 1914 Red Sox: LF Duffy Lewis, CF Tris Speaker, RF Harry Hooper “The Golden Outflield,” Duffy Lewis and Hall of Famers Speaker and Hooper dominated in the years after World War I. Lewis was known for his defense in an outfield with Speaker who was considered by far the best fielding outfielder of the first half century of Major League Baseball. Lewis’ strong arm from th

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