June: The Natural

This month's movie of the month takes a dip into the Hall of Good Enough with The Natural (1984) and baseball movies. I love baseball and I love movies, but I tend to not enjoy baseball movies as they generally abandon good movie making in order to capitalize on a sports story or edit down their baseball action in favor of story and are barely a baseball movie at all. This month gave me a chance to revisit these assumptions I've had about this genre and a few of the selected movies really changed my mind. Maybe not all of them. Trouble with the Curve (2012) is absolute garbage. The decade of the ‘80’s and into the MLB strike of the ‘94 and ‘95 season were a strange time for the identity of b


Recently we had a fire in the building and had to leave the building for an evening. I wrote this out by hand in an exercise to remind me why handwriting is a practice that deserves to go extinct. One reason is that I tossed the notebook I wrote it in away from the baby who is now most interested in putting all of the paper in his mouth. It took several days before I found it deep beneath the couch… the notebook, not the baby. Throughout the ordeal, our dude had a fun time including a session where he tried to get his mom’s nose completely in his mouth. He succeeded despite mom's objections. ***** Last night we were having a Chopped-style dinner using what we have in the fridge to make somet

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