November: Big Hero 6

I figured it would be nice to get light with this month’s movie of the month and there aren’t all that many movies as light, colorful and exciting as Big Hero 6 (2014). Big Hero 6 is the story of a middle-school or early high school boy inventor whose nanobot invention is stolen by a mystery super villain. Along with his deceased brother’s four college friends and a robot nurse, the boy, Hiro, solves the mystery of the stolen nanobots, the super villain, and the super villain’s missing daughter. Baymax steals the show with his face based on a Japanese bell, and his gait inspired by a toddler walking with a full diaper. Okay, okay, it isn’t entirely light and chipper. The main character is su

The Dodgers Are Good Enough

This was the second year in a row the Dodgers went to the World Series and lost. I did a franchise bio for the Astros after they won the series last year, and just a couple of months ago I did one for the Red Sox who were the eventual victors this year. It’s only fitting to dive into the Dodgers franchise after they left it all on the warning track this year. In the early years of the World Series Era, the Dodgers franchise won pennants in 1916 and 1920 although they lost both of those World Series. In fact, that 1916 series was the last time the Dodgers franchise faced the Red Sox in the postseason until 2018. Let's take a moment to marvel over the pattern on the Brooklyn uniform from 1916.

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