September: Faces Places

"What is it all about?" "The power of imagination." This is the question posed to Agnes Varda by a railway worker about the street artist JR pasting pictures of her wrinkled eyes and toes onto a train. This month we go to the world of French Cinema, documentaries and women in film with one of my favorite movies from last year, Faces Place (2017). While this movie was being made the directors JR and Agnes Varda were 33 and 88 years old respectively. While Varda’s vision is starting to fail her, she and her street artist friend go to the French countryside to give her one last feast for her eyes. JR’s medium is to take photographs, print them on a huge scale and paste them on the sides of buil

161st and Jersey Part 2: The Red Sox Are Good Enough

And now, the shocking conclusion to 161st and Jersey. Growing up in Connecticut I would go up to the Boston area with my mom every couple of weeks to see my grandmother. I have memories of seeing the Boston newspapers around her condo and later retirement home and the bright colors of Red Sox news must have made an impression on my little brain. I'm not really sure what exactly made me a Red Sox fan, it might have been the old usher that would joke that I could keep my hat on in church when I got a Red Sox cap. By high school I was taking one or two trips to Fenway every year and I would try as hard as I could to make it to games with great pitching match ups, or best available. Late in the

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