July: Dr. Strangelove

The punchline to Dr. Strangelove (1964) is that everyone gets blown to hell at the end, and I don’t think they ever made it over to the mine shaft, never mind the gap. The world tumbles into a nuclear standoff when an unstable US General puts into motion a nuclear attack on the USSR. The President is called to the War Room to negotiate and observe the situation with the Russian Ambassador, a room full of generals, and the titular Dr. Strangelove. One last bomber stays in the air on its way to targets after all other squadrons are called back or shot down. The Ambassador informs the war room that if a single nuclear explosion hits the USSR, the doomsday machine automatically kicks in to destr

Moving With Baby

About a year ago my wife interviewed at a number of hospitals for her first job out of training and we were lucky enough to be able to pretty much pick which area of the country we would live in. For a number of reasons: proximity to family, weather, atmosphere of work environment, cost of living and others, we came to the decision to move to Sacramento from Minneapolis. I had only been to the city for the brief stay we had for my wife’s interview, which wasn’t quite enough time for both of us to see all the areas we might consider living in. However, what we saw was very promising that this would be a promising place for my wife’s career and a great place to raise our family. After deciding

Randos Are Good Enough (Joe Randa Not Included)

This week's theme: fill the halls with good enough players that may not fit with other themes but deserve some recognition. It's a bit of a clearing house to let in some positions that have been underrepresented like catcher, utility players, left handed pitchers and stolen base masters. There are some players that don’t quite fit some of the past and future themes for posts but were that inspirations for the Hall of Good Enough like Darrell Evans and Mark Grace. Hell, while I’m at it, let’s throw in a whole 20-man roster worth of players and also finding a few more hidden gems. Javy Lopez, C Long-time catcher for the Braves, Lopez hit .328 with 43 home runs and 109 RBI in 128 games to break

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