The Carville & Stephanopoulos Show

This week I went back down memory road to relive the 1992 election by watching The War Room (1993) about the first Clinton Presidential campaign. I was a freshman at UConn fall of 2001 and as a political science major one of the first classes periods I had in college showed us this documentary. The film had been out in the world for 8 years before that time and I felt like I had watched a lot of movies at that point but I had never heard of The War Room or any other kind of documentary that was behind the scenes of a presidential campaign. It was like seeing animals in their natural environment for the first time to see Carville & Stephanopoulos shooting the shit in plain clothes. Eleven y

Baseball Notes: The Phillie Fatigue

I'm getting close to finished with all of the teams in the majors so I might as well finally get to the Philadelphia Phillies. I have seen the Phillies play live at least once. Just before I moved away from Pittsburgh I went to a July 3rd game at PNC Park against the Phillies and got the chance to get to know a few of their fans after the game at a 4th of July party. These guys were "on" for a few hours after the game with the attitude of combative fans that Philadelphia is notorious for. It look a little time to cool down and after a while the fanaticism wore off and they were pretty cool guys who were pretty laid back. Once the buzz of a game wears off those crazy battery throwing, San

The inside of a chewing mouth

Last night we watched Julie & Julia (2009) as a good wind down movie after catching our last home game at Target Field for the 2016 season. It can be hard to remember how nice of a movie this is. It could be dismissed with romcoms of the 90's and early 2000's but it is much more self aware than that. There are no bystanders giving standing ovations to the main characters for minor accomplishments in this movie, in fact it's a little understated on the self-celebration. It is a movie about celebrating another person but the movie does a great job of conveying the "why" of the celebration of Julia Child through the weight that Meryl Streep brings to her portrayal. I especially appreciate th

Never Stop Always Watching

Last night I visited Red Box and rented Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016). This is a fun movie with a lot of great jokes and several pretty good satirical songs. The songs are pretty good for the satire, however, they're amazing for their music production. The jokes are great although it really felt like Andy Samberg's character wasn't 100% consistent with the character in the movie and seemed to drift into his character from Brooklyn 99. That is a great show and a great character so it doesn't really hurt the movie in general. Now I'm going to write about a movie that's similar to Popstar, but the synopsis makes it sound like a movie I just made up right now. I assure you it's a

Raiders!: The Longest Title That Would Fit.

This weekend I watched Raiders!: The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made (2015). This is the documentary about the kids (who grew up to be middle aged) who made a shot by shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark. There was some kind of ratings bug in this movie because it was under 2 stars on neflix over the weekend but is now closer to 4 stars. The shot by shot remake has been something that been a known but less seen thing that has been out there for years. I remember hearing about it when I lived in Connecticut more than 7 years ago. I don't know if that was another documentary on the project or if it was the actual film that was being shown at a theater in Hartford but it was something that cr

Two Tape Glory of Magnolia

It took a week, but I have rewatched Magnolia (1999), one of my all-time favorite movies. It wasn't because it was too long or over-dramatic (two of the critiques on wikipedia... and the director...) but my old DVD crapped out with less than an hour to go in the over three hour movie and I had to buy a new blu-ray. It's a movie I have seen several times since I was in college in the early 2000's but it must have been a couple of years since I last saw it. Because it's so long and there are so many characters there were several parts to the movie I had completely forgotten and was surprised to see where the story went in the final act. There is one oversight that I've never felt was especia

Baseball Notes: Pesky Pesky Cardinals

I've been trying to keep up with watching the Cardinals as they have been in the mix of the Wild Card, but they keep annoying the crap out of me by fending off the Pirates who have been struggling. What did I expect? The true Cardinal Way is to be a pest of a team that always worms their way into the playoffs. They are a team that always has pieces coming up through the minor leagues, guys who seem to be major league ready off the jump. The Cardinals went into this year seemingly with holes at short stop with the injury of Jhonny Peralta and uncertainty filling out their depth chart for 1B/OF because of Matt Holliday's older age and the uncertainty of the capabilities of Matt Adams (comin

Baseball Notes: Baseball Giants

The first two MLB games I went to were the Expos vs. the Giants, and the Padres vs. the Giants. In Arizona I also saw a few spring training games in Scottsdale (until their ticket prices exploded to four times more expensive than every other game at Spring Training) and quite a few regular season games when they came to play the Diamondbacks at Chase Field. Oddly, the Giants fans I would witness at games in Arizona were pretty terrible. I haven't seen any other fans of MLB teams have to get kicked out of a game because of their conduct and that would seem to happen at every game at Chase Field. I would seem they were college aged guys acting rowdy and starting fights in the stands, or tau

Tron 2: The Quest For More Money

Okay, it's not as bad of a movie as being just a quest for more money, as the soundtrack by Daft Punk seems to be the basis for a lot of pop culture now, Mr. Robot being the most notable. Today I re-watched Tron: Legacy (2010). It's a fun movie with great special effects and interesting world building (including building of whole sports that seem like they'd be fun to play) with a great soundtrack and an enticingly futuristic color palate. The story is a little goofy, and the dialogue is a little crazier than goofy at times. Not everything makes logical sense. The main character falls on the top of a taxi at the beginning of the movie and the taxi driver decides that the reasonable thing

Baseball Notes: ChiSox Trial Season

Last night we had a bit of an impromptu date night at Target Field to watch the White Sox come to town. I grew up in Connecticut, spent some time living in Pittsburgh, lived an extended time and studied in Phoenix and currently live in Minneapolis but I have happened to have seen a lot of the White Sox the last six year. Their spring training facility was a favorite of mine due to free parking, small crowds, and one of the more beautiful spring training fields in AZ. One of my fondest memories was watching fighter jets practicing for an air show in the distance just above the game. Yesterday I came to the park early to try to get some closer pictures of the White Sox players. It's pretty


Yesterday I revisited a couple favorites from my little apartment dvd library that I was reminded to see due to a few recent celebrity deaths. I saw Blazing Saddles (1974) and Time Bandits (1981) in honor of Gene Wilder and Kenny Baker. I don't remember first seeing Blazing Saddles, if I was young, or in college but I also don't remember a time when I didn't think of it as a movie I really liked. It must have been on Comedy Central when I was in high school, and I must have seen an uncensored version much later, so it would have been like seeing the same movie for the first time, more than once. It's a classic, I don't think it'll be hard for me to give it 5 stars on letterboxd. Blazing S

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