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The inside of a chewing mouth

Last night we watched Julie & Julia (2009) as a good wind down movie after catching our last home game at Target Field for the 2016 season.

Streepin' it up.

It can be hard to remember how nice of a movie this is. It could be dismissed with romcoms of the 90's and early 2000's but it is much more self aware than that. There are no bystanders giving standing ovations to the main characters for minor accomplishments in this movie, in fact it's a little understated on the self-celebration.

It is a movie about celebrating another person but the movie does a great job of conveying the "why" of the celebration of Julia Child through the weight that Meryl Streep brings to her portrayal. I especially appreciate that this is a movie about a project. "Julie" in the movie has challenged herself to blog about cooking for a year. I've been doing something similar (minus the learning curve of French cooking) as I have challenged myself to write about every movie I see this year, and I also accidentally challenged myself to write about all 30 MLB teams.

I appreciate the passion, the sense of ritual and writing about that ritual, and the expert touch given to it by this movie. The only thing that gets a little odd for me in this movie is how often characters are talking with their mouths full in this movie, and really that's the fault of my mother pounding a sense of manners into my head from an early age.

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