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Raiders!: The Longest Title That Would Fit.

This weekend I watched Raiders!: The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made (2015). This is the documentary about the kids (who grew up to be middle aged) who made a shot by shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Indiana Jones/ Boyhood mashup film.

There was some kind of ratings bug in this movie because it was under 2 stars on neflix over the weekend but is now closer to 4 stars. The shot by shot remake has been something that been a known but less seen thing that has been out there for years. I remember hearing about it when I lived in Connecticut more than 7 years ago. I don't know if that was another documentary on the project or if it was the actual film that was being shown at a theater in Hartford but it was something that created a lot of excitement and curiosity.

The documentary is very well done and is the beneficiary of the kids videotaping everything they did for several straight summers. The kids have a lot of real world issues to escape from as they set themselves and their houses on fire, did dangerous stunts and played with special effects in ways that required emergency personnel to be called.

They might have been kids using what was around them and what they could pay for using their allowances but they made it look very good and engaging to the viewer. What I like about this movie is that, like Jodorowski's Dune, is a story about a dream and a seemingly impossible creative project.

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