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Catching up with 2016

I did a top fifteen in January, but since then I have caught up on a number of movies from 2016 that I hadn't had a chance to see when they came out.

Winner of the award for Most Appropriate Film Title and for Court Case Name.

1. O.J.: Made in America

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I felt obliged to bump this up to #1 for how often my mind returns to it. This has nothing to do with O.J.'s parole, it's because this tells the story of the history of the US in the second half of the 20th century, and O.J. just happened to be in the middle of all of it in this fantastically produced documentary.

2. Midnight Special

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This didn't get any worse of a movie, I did find a way to get another Jeff Nichols movie on this list, too. This skipped over movie is worth much more praise than it got from critics in 2016 who seemed to forget about it, if they watched it at all.

3. Hunt for the Wilderpeople

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Hey, it's a new guy in town! I love how touching and funny this movie is. This late arrival to this list certainly made a play to be number one.

4. Hail, Caesar!

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The more I have revisited this movie, the more I have enjoyed it. Fun/funny Coen Brothers playing in old Hollywood is my cup of tea.

5. Hidden Figures

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Seeing this in the theater was a genuinely exciting experience that got me excited to see it up for the Oscars. I liked it so much I bought the soundtrack. Janelle Monae's "Jalapeno" is a household favorite.

6. Hell or High Water

Previous (NR)

Another one that challenged for a possible visit to the top of the list. I think I have a new writer to look out for, Taylor Sheridan, who also wrote Sicario and has a new movie coming later this summer.

7. Arrival

Previous (7)

While it's definitely one of the best movies of the year, it's not very easy to rewatch. Visually interesting and thought provoking, but a little emotionally taxing.

8. Captain America: Civil War

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It's a lot of fun, although it has moments it feels thin compared to the original Avengers movie and Guardian of the Galaxy. I think this one will climb its way back up this list as I see Spider-Man: Homecoming in future rewatches.

9. Doctor Strange

Previous (8)

Visual Stunner that brings me back to the great summer I had in Nepal mixed with comic book grandeur.

10. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Previous (5)

All right! The world of Harry Potter populated by adults!

11. Rogue One

Previous (3)

Not everything works in this movie, but I love the aesthetic of the dusty grey colors and the heart pounding last third of the movie.

12. Moonlight

Previous (NR)

This is another one that stuck with me for weeks after I saw it. Well shot, great cast, although it's a little too intense at times.

13. Moana

Previous (12)

This one is hard not to love. Great feel good movie to either cheer you up on a cold dark day, or give you something to sing along to for spring cleaning.

14. Everybody Wants Some!!

Previous (NR)

I didn't expect to get such strong feelings of nostalgia from this movie. It brings back great memories of playing baseball and living through the '80's and '90's. College wasn't quite as wild for me, however.

15. The Nice Guys

Previous (11)

One of the best written movies of the year, takes you back to a time that has long passed. Plays well with detective movies made in the '70's and other movies seemingly set at the time like Jackie Brown and The Big Lebowski.

16. Loving

Previous (NR)

Hey! It's another Jeff Nichols movie! This one is tonally an outlier from his other movies, but is still a great understated viewing experience.

17. Deadpool

Previous (NR)

I can't wait for the next Deadpool installment to have a bigger world (from a bigger budget, I'm sure). This one is enjoyable and left me wanting more.

18. Star Trek Beyond

Previous (4)

This is some good old fun space action with the old characters. It's a welcome upgrade from the previous installment, I hope they maintain the spirit of this episode in the film series.

19. Sing Street

Previous (14)

I'm not a big '80's music person but this made me rethink those thoughts and also purchase the soundtrack. This movie sticks with you longer than you expect.

20. Joshy

Previous (10)

Very small movie that wasn't as cookie cutter comedy as expected. It doesn't stray into being stupid and makes its way into being as much of an indie movie as it is a comedy.

Movies listed on Letterboxd as 2016, but didn't get a release until 2017 that would have made the top 20: Colossal, Their Finest and The Lost City of Z.

Hamilton's America and Ghostbusters are the only movies from the previous list to drop from the top fifteen to out of the top twenty.

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