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Selfish Shellfish

I wanted to catch up on some of the best rated movies of the year so this morning I watched The Lobster (2015).

Apparently filled with nothingness.

This movie got rave reviews and I can understand a lot of the love due to the quirky dialogue, the exaggerated acting whenever a character is lying, and the odd world building, but I don't share that love. In the end it's so bleak and so black and white of a world that I just wanted to leave it, no matter how surreal the story got. Colin Farrell's character escapes into the forest so he can live without love and face death on a daily basis because he didn't want to become and animal who lived without love and faced death on a daily basis. He's not a man who makes the best decisions, kind of explains why he ends up with a woman who does the same (really, don't write down your secret plan and leave it laying around) before he considers one of the worst thought out plans in cinematic history. Read the wikipedia synopsis, not sure it's worth experiencing the whole movie.

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