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High Society

In recent days I watched a pair of documentaries: Who the Fuck is Jackson Pollock (2006) and Sour Grapes (2016).

I'm sure the canvass is worth well over $5 on its own.

The Jackson Pollock movie is about trucker who found a possible Jackson Pollock painting at a garage sale and her problems getting the art community to accept the provenance of the piece despite forensic evidence and the opinion of an art forger.

The film Sour Grapes tells the story of a man who made his way into the world of expensive wine under a fake name. Over time it was found that many of the wines he was selling at auction were counterfeit, and some of them had inaccurate labels or were from years the kind of wine.

The connection between these two movies is that the woman who is a trucker is easily discounted for wanting to join the millionaire art world and the man from Sour Grapes is in prison for counterfeiting wine is still defended by others in the wine community who don't believe he could do such a thing.

There is a great back story of where the wine guy came from and the real highlight of the film is a wine expert doing a taste test of counterfeit wine in front of a defender of the wine and the con artist. The high light of the Pollock film is that the truck driver is a spitting image of Jack Donaghy's mother on 30 Rock.

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