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In the Suitcase.

Last night we went out for a late night trip to the theater to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016).

Wizard Stephen Hawking and friends.

This was just a fun movie. I recently watched all of the Harry Potter films so it was pretty fun to get back into the Potter-verse. I especially enjoyed that this film introduces new characters to get to know and places the wizarding world in a new setting.

This film is rich with characters lead by the acting work of Eddie Redmayne. I think it's useful to always remember the role Redmayne stepped into in Jupiter Ascending because it was so bonkers and entertaining that everything else he does must be considered in context. Redmayne is surrounded by actors that have not been quite as prominently featured like Dan Fogler and Katherine Waterston. Fogler might be best known for playing the uncle on The Goldbergs for their Thanksgiving episodes and he may have broken out as a comedic relief character actor in this movie. Every time I saw Waterston on the screen I kept thinking "who is that actress? Didn't she just win an Oscar?" I was confusing her with a couple of actresses who are in this great generation for actresses and she was showing flashes that she could find herself on their level in short order.

This movie brings imagination to screen and the beasts are great characters that create a lot of fun plot points where Redmayne is trying to recapture them or by utilizing them to supplement his magical dealings. It's going to be fun to see what the following movies do, and hopefully they revisit all of the great characters that were introduced in this installment.

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