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Harry Potter and the Phoenix Suns

I've made it into the second half of Harry Potter films, and the first that definitely haven't seen before. Tonight I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)

Ron shows up for the poster, but not so much for the movie.

My wife is the Harry Potter book expert in the house. She isn't sure if she had seen this movie before but she did remember the book of The Order of the Phoenix as not being all that great compared to the other books. She felt this book transitioned into a movie very well because it is so visual. It pops off the screen to see the young wizards training in secret montages or to see Harry and his friends finding their way to the visually stunning black tiled location of Harry's vision.

It was pretty interesting to see a courtroom scene for wizards but it was yet again another case of people saying "Harry Potter, you're done being a wizards, you're banned from Hogwarts..." then 5-10 minutes later we learn it's not a big deal and he gets to continue his studies almost as if nothing has happened. There are consequences to Harry's close calls and his success holding back dark wizards because no one trusts him and this issue finally comes to the forefront of the story.

Pretty sure Harry will get killed off in the next movie and we'll follow Ron in the last three.

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