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Dr. Who, a Vampire, and In Bruge Alumni at Hogworts

I'm at the halfway point of the Harry Potter movies because last night I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005).

Not vampires.

It turns out I had seen this one before but I had remembered portions of it as being longer than they really are. I remembered this as the "World Cup" movie because of the quidditch opening to the movie. I really enjoy that segment of the movie because of how well the event is portrayed as a festival and soccer game all in one. I do wish there was more to it in the movie, although it wouldn't serve much of a narrative purpose.

The quidditch world cup segment and the later dance weren't as long as I had remembered. The world cup is something I always enjoyed but the dance is a little too real of a portrayal of 14-15 year old hormones and shame over their hormones. That age was a time I would rather forget from my own life due to the general day to day awkwardness of the age. Oh the voices. There is so much cracking of voices and the actors trying to compensate to make sure their voices don't crack mid-line.

Hits from this movie are: showing a broader world of wizards beyond Hogworts, the competition for the Goblet of Fire as a series of challenges, the sureal nature of the grave yard, and the progression of the broad cast of characters as they get older and their relationships change.

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