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Music of the Devil

The other day I watched Green Room (2015) with Anton Yelchin. I understand it is not a sequel to Room.

Idaho Calling... probably.

This mix of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and John Wick marries murder, metal and neo-nazis. I wasn't sure what to expect with this film but the story was crafted in a logical and entertaining way to be tense and brutal but not a horror movie and becomes an action movie out of necessity for the characters to survive.

It's sad Anton Yelchin passed away not long after this movie came out and it was fitting that he paired with Patrick Stewart as the top two billed actors for a Star Trek touch. I'm not the biggest fan of metal but I feel like it was a necessary part of the movie to get these characters stranded in such a strange situation and to be involved with a hate group.

It's a well crafted movie that doesn't linger on the metal music. It is smart with the action and brutally realistic with the harm afflicted by it. I lost track of some of the characters in the middle of the movie during a hectic sequence but overall it was an enjoyable watch, not too dark (for the subject matter) with just a touch of realistic action.

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