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Edge of Tomorrow was a fine enough title

This afternoon I watched Edge of Tomorrow (Live. Die. Repeat.) (2014) and Snowpiercer (2013) in a Action Sci-Fi double feature.

Let's say I saw I saw a great movie that changed its name in honor of Muhammad Ali... Also my favorite boxing movie isn't available to watch anywhere (Rocco and his Brothers).

Edge of Tomorrow is a really great action Sci-Fi movie that just didn't do well in theaters, and the distributor acted as though the problem was the name by packaging it with the words "Live. Die. Repeat." on the DVD and Blu-Ray covers in a larger font than the title. The name wasn't actually changed, the original name remains in all the marketing, just a bit smaller.

The real problem with Edge of Tomorrow was that the commercials weren't especially clear on the quality of movie it was, and it came out a year after Tom Cruise starred in another futuristic movie Oblivion. My wife and I actually saw Oblivion on our second date. I tended to have the policy when dating to not go to the movies on early dates. We made up for it by spending a lot of time to talk after the movie getting pizza right next to the theater, and trying to find ways to anything else to talk about aside from the movie because it just didn't land as anything interesting. I think our experience was not unique to have Oblivion leaving a bad taste in the mouth and it harmed Edge of Tomorrow. By the time it came out of video word of mouth helped it quite a bit, and I think it has gotten a second life no matter what name it goes by.

Snowpiercer is another movie that might have had trouble because of its synopsis. A friend of mine told me about it when it came out in the US and the way he described it made it sound like a terrible action movie that would be campy. He was excited about it, so I gave the movie the respect to check out the trailer, and I was sold that I would enjoy the movie. This is a favorite, so much so that I ran out to buy the graphic novels that the idea of the movie is based on. They're a bit different but still a fun read and there are a few extra plot lines including a religion based on the engines with some conspiracy theories in their beliefs.

It is a comic book movie and I have said in the past that I would like to imagine it in the same universe as Dredd. It led me to realize that Chris Evans might have been in more comic book movies than anyone aside from Stan Lee. He has been in seven movies as Captain America, two as Human Torch, and he was also in Scott Pilgrim, Snowpiercer, TMNT, and The Losers (which apparently is a movie that is apparently based on a graphic novel, allegedly). That puts his comic book total at 13 movies, so far. He was also in Push, which is a superhero movie not based on a comic or graphic novel that I know of.

One more piece of interest is that Chris Evans' character's protege is played by Jamie Bell who also played a member of the Fantastic Four, playing The Thing in the most recent film. They were in a total of three FF movies between them, and all of them were big disappointments. In my book, the best representation of the Fantastic Four in movies or TV is the version of them in Venture Brothers which paints them as both retro and dark.

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