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This afternoon I watched Inception (2010) while doing some spring cleaning.

Okay guys, let's get this staging right.

I have to say the only issue I have with this movie, and that I also have with some other Christopher Nolan films, is that the sound mix has such a wide range from quiet to loud that my TV has issues not being too loud or too quiet. That's pretty much the only issue with this movie, which is pretty impressive. That's an issue I bet I could resolve on the day I get a nice sound system for my TV, although I don't see that as much of a priority right now. I'll just have to bother the neighbors.

There was a recent article that placed Inception in a universe with The Matrix. On this viewing, I'm willing to go along with that, but then again, I am also more than willing to imagine Interstellar as being in the same universe as Contact, The Martian, Gravity, and Sunshine. Hell, I'm willing to fit Saving Private Ryan into that universe and imagine he is the ancestor of other Matt Damon characters. I was even thinking today that perhaps there's a way to imagine a universe where Dredd is a prequel to Snowpiercer. Something just feels right about drastic measures being taken in the world of Dredd to try to solve global warming that backfire, resulting in brutal violence by a mob attempting to board the Snowpiercer. I am also a fan of the theory popularized by Star Wars Minute that puts the Indiana Jones movies into the Star Wars universe as a carbonite dream of Han Solo between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

I was a little inspired to see Inception this weekend because of the common imagery in the trailer for Dr. Strange. Part of me wishes I didn't see the whole trailer for Dr. Strange so I could have been surprised while watching it in theaters, although it is also fun to build excitement for a movie by getting teased by a trailer. Inception is a beautiful movie with incredible world building and a lot of fun characters. It's no wonder it is a movie I come back to at least once a year.

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