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An Exhalation of Pixar

Last night after a very long week of work and the last bits of wedding planning we watched Wall-E (2008) and The Incredibles (2004)


Wall-E might be one of the best Pixar movies because it is all happiness, has a social message, and make me cry the whole way through. Seriously, Up! is a great movie but after the first time I saw it I noticed that the sadness extends well past the first 10 minutes because the old man keeps mentioning how he wishes Ellie could be there with him through out the movie. Wall-E is about learning what happines and love is and we get to enjoy the learning process.

The Incredibles

The Incredibles is a lot of fun and feels like it is building up to something bigger. It's very similar to Big Hero 6 in that regard and lucky for us there seems like there's finally going to be a sequel to The Incredibles and a TV series for Big Hero 6. I especially like hearing the voice work of Sarah Vowell who plays the daughter but I have heard much more of her voice work in a very different capacity. I have listened to three or four of her audiobooks where she reads books she has written mixing history with family vacations. I enjoyed her book Assassination Vacation so much I listened to it twice while on road trips. That book is about the assassins of Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley and the details of the stories are incredibly entertaining.

It's amazing what these movies did for the environment in the apartment. It didn't take long for it to be smiles all around and for us to laugh for a few straight hours. It's great to have several movies set aside for feel good viewings and makes me wonder why the value in that isn't celebrated more. The Oscars have tried to award movies for being feel good movies, but the ones they pick don't tend to have rewatchability. I promise you not a single person has gone back to rewatch The King Speech or Life is Beautiful more than a year after they won their awards, but Pixar movies, Marvel movies, and comedies don't fade away.

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