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Diving into CinePotter

We just ordered the complete film works of Harry Potter to catch me up on the movies and I started tonight with the very first in the series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001).

Who's damn stone is it!?!

I think I first saw this on the college movie channel and I haven't read any of the books. This first movie in the series is pretty well done, although it gives me a chuckle to see how short the kids are next to grown up characters who seem to encourage dangerous activities.

I had a few thoughts about the Harry Potter universe while watching this:

Slytherin really got screwed at the end, that was some real Steve Harvey bullshit with the points. Sure the kids are snotty, but they still managed to score a good amount of points, even without getting the chance to fight off evil beings.

Harry's Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin seemed like they were acting like shit because they were scared to death of the boy living in their house that would pester them with his magic. It must be a nightmare knowing that Harry has a magical secret and takes joy, laughing when his cousin falls into a snake pit, in getting revenge against them. They're just muggles, they can't defend from any magic so it's almost understandable that they have a short fuse with Harry... aside from the torture-like accommodations they leave him in under the stairs.

Gryffindor seems like the Yankees of the points game at the school, the other houses probably really hated Harry for leading to win so often. I'm pretty sure that getting the most points means they get a mean pizza party at the end of the year and all the other houses have to watch them eat it and cry into their scarves.

Hermione's parents are just muggles. She has no background with relatives that are wizzards and muggles aren't supposed to know about the wizarding world. She seems to know the most about wizarding ways... a little too much... I'm pretty sure she was supplied information about wizarding and was used as a spy for muggle governments to get on the inside of the wizard school and supply them with information. Her special pet should have been a mole.

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