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Not Ken Burns Civil War or Revenge of the Colon.

This weekend I saw:

Captain America: Civil War

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

30 for 30: Broke

Civil War

I won't get too into this one because it hasn't been out very long and I don't want to give away too much. I did a good job leading up to seeing the movie to avoid all trailers and commercials but I was tricked by glancing at an article that said there would be a shocking death in the movie of a major character. I was tricked by who it was, but I had a great time seeing the movie without visual aids from advertising. After seeing the movie I read an article about easter eggs in the movie but there were a couple that were left out of the story I read.

Easter Eggs

When the comic version of Civil War was out a few years ago I read it right after I finished reading Watchmen for the first time. That was not the best way to get into it because they had the same plot of heroes fighting each other over registering vigilantes, and it was also a plot touched on and forgotten in Batman v. Superman, and The Incredibles. Watchmen had a section about the silliness of the brightly colored supersuit and Civil War was extra bright and the storyline wasn't as strong. In Civil War the reason for registration as that in a fight of good guys and bad guys, one of the heroes who can grow to be a giant, 50 feet tall who was touched by someone with the power to make things explosive. The giant exploded and killed a lot of people in a tragedy that shaped legislation to register vigilantes. This giant seems to be alluded to because this is the movie where we first see Ant-Man growing to be a giant in the middle of a fight.

The other easter egg I think I noticed was in the introduction of Spider-Man where Tony Stark asks Peter Parker about a video of him in action. Parker claims it was just a hoax, a camera trick done on a computer like the lights over Phoenix. In the comics, Nova is just a high school kid in Carefree, Arizona, which is on the outskirts of Phoenix, and in the movies that character has not been mentioned or established. It seems like Nova is being established as a powered person in the Phoenix area that is only known as a myth in the MCU (and MCU+).

Revenge of the Sith

What I noticed in this viewing is that the dialogue is way worse than I remembered but the special effects are put together better than Attack of the Clones. I had remembered Attack of the Clones being the weaker written movie but on this viewing I can't imagine it was worse than Revenge of the Sith where all the dialogue is simply stating exposition.


I want to say I'm a thrifty person but this documentary about professional athletes losing all their money makes me want to save more. Granted, I don't blow my money in any of the ways exhibited here, but it is a reminder that costs add up. It does make me feel better about the things I do save money on because I am not buying houses for other people, having more than one car per person in the household or literally throwing money at strippers. It's a low bar.

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