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The Cat Survives

This week I saw Keanu (2016) which seems to be the companion piece to John Wick.

This is a fun comedy action movie, the first post-Key and Peele project, that is the first true utilization of a cat in film for the first time in recent memory. It's almost impossible to train a cat for screen and this movie used two sets of three cats, each cat in the set with a different trained skill. The cat is on screen a little less than expected but when it is on screen it eats up the screen.

The show Key and Peele exhibited a number of great skills in sketch comedy and one of which was taking a a sketch beyond the traditional end of a sketch, turning it around then stopping abruptly before it could become overkill. They have a lot of social comedy and everyday insights and these are things that are easier to touch on in movie but the structure changes when a movie is over a half an hour long.

The film kind of takes a turn at the end. It makes it seem like everything is wrapped up nicely with a Hollywood "everything is okay" ending but turns to show that the events in the movie did actually have consequences. It's a little reminiscent of the ending of Office Space but not many other movies. I think this shows promise for the post-TV careers for Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key.

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