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A Little Uncomfortable

Yesterday I saw The Little Prince (2015) which mixes the stop animation story of the Little Prince and drawn animation story of a little girl who meets an old man that is telling her the story of the Little Prince as she tries to balance expectations her mother has in her to achieve and trying to have a happy childhood.

Seriously, don't play with foxes.  They're crazy.

This movie has a spellbinding aesthetic, very interesting music with a French style to it, and a good message to let children have a childhood. It's a bit of a depressing movie and it also has some problems of the story lines being hard to follow as the Prince's story jumps forward through time without transitions between the two.

The troubling thing about this movie is that portrays the relationships of the little prince and the adult aviator and the little girl and the elderly aviator in almost romantic ways without giving a sense that it might be even a little inappropriate. The young Aviator says of the little prince that he just wants to hear his laugh again and the little girl story line has the little girl lying about her new friend who her mother assumed was a young girl like her and not an old man.

Weird undertones aside, I'm not sure who this movie is for. It seems to not be for children because of the rather heavily sad tone, and that it's for adults looking for something to cry at.

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