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Star Trek Into the 3rd Best of the Timeline

After going to the theater to check out the new Star Trek movie we took a step back and rewatched Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) on blu-ray.

I smell a conspiracy.

My very first viewing of this movie was not the best experience. I was opening night and I watching it from the corner in the front of the theater, and the 3D glasses didn't seem to come flush to my glasses so I saw a lot of the movie in double vision. I think I left the theater thinking "that could have been good, I don't know." I do know that I have always really enjoyed the opening sequence on the planet with the bright red foliage and how it felt like an episode of the show. It felt like an event that could have been part of their regular missions on the Enterprise and not a big event for the federation.

I have always felt awkward about the unsettling main story line in this film. The gist of the plot is that a higher up in the federation lets a known terrorist out to cause trouble with the federation so that they are made to have a stronger hand and give the higher up more power. This terrorist is someone who was trained, or gained his powers from the federation and his acts are in order to try to start a war with the Klingons.

This is an unsettling parallel with the conspiracy theories of 9/11 truthers who believe the president let terrorists attack the US so that he could get more power to start a war in the middle east. The writer of this movie, Roberto Orci, has been reported to believe in truther "inside job" theories so this doesn't seem to just be a coincidence of plot.

There seems to be a little bit of the Star Trek series moving past this movie and forgetting its continuity as the character who is the daughter of the admiral from this film who seems to join the crew just before the closing credits seems to have faded out of the story between films. Maybe she tried on a red shirt for an away mission.

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