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League of Ordinary Justice

Before I get into it, this is a good movie that fixes a lot of the DC cinematic universes's tone problems with Superman and Batman (Wonder Woman already excelled with tone earlier in the year). A lot of this came from Flash's comedic reactions to more serious characters.

Although it sure seems like Superman can.

Ben Affleck's overly recognizable chin makes the Batman cowl useless. He could cover his whole face except for the chin and people of Gothem would be walking up to the Dark Knight saying "Oh shit, you're Bruce Wayne... you know, because of the chin."

I've been noticing from some recent rewatches of The Town and Argo that Affleck doesn't move his arms when he walks on screen like some kind of alien pretending to be a human. He should have played Clark Kent. As it is the people of Gothem are walking up to Batman saying "Oh shit, you're Bruce Wayne... you know, because of the chin. And you don't move your arms when you walk, just like that weirdo Bruce Wayne."

It's pretty unfortunate writing that Batman has to tell Wonder Woman how to be independent and strong for leading people even though the last movie she was in THIS YEAR had her leading a group of men by being independently minded and strong during World War I.

I'm not the biggest DC guy but I have read a few comics and I was pretty surprised to see that Cyborg is basically robot Superman. The use of Cyborg did bring this movie into context with Batman v. Superman much better than I had expected but he still seemed over-powered... "I will strike you down with the power of the internet!"

The villain wanted the three seashells so he could have the perfect bathroom experience.

The villain wanted the three cubes so he could finally leave the video game realm and become a real boy.

What the fuck is an Aquaman? The fish shouldn't trust him any longer. He's a terrible leader of sea life as he seemed more interested in leading them to their doom to feed a small fishing village. He will go down as the worst mass murderer of his own followers in the history of the world.

Funny how Flashes funniest lines are when he's off screen, cough ADR cough. The cut without Joss Wheden's involvement might end up being a humorless mess. Sassy Flash absolutely saved the tone of the movie. It's equally funny how often an off-screen Flash joke after a serious line lands like a lead balloon as the screen writer can be heard sobbing off screen "oh god, we need more jokes to stay away from Suicide Squad's Rotten Tomatoes score!"

I like Superman in this movie being more Doctor Manhattan than Jesus's Revenge. It's good that unlike Doctor Manhattan he has a little more color and a lot less dong.

Noms: none.

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