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Beguiling Flicks

Over the last few weeks I saw Spielberg (2017), The Beguiled (2017), The House (2017), Next (2007), Gerald's Game (2017) and 1922 (2017).

"I'm a leg man. Please don't take my leg."


Very interesting documentary about the director's career. It gives great insight on the father motifs, divorce narratives and his beneficial nerdiness toward film. It's worth a watch and one of the better documentaries about film this year.

Noms: none.

The Beguiled

This has a lot of the aspects of a horror movie yet it plays like a cream colored atmosphere piece. This is a tightly packaged self contained drama.

Noms: Nicole Kidman for acting, Sophia Coppola for directing.

The House

This movie works great for a a comedy night in. It's pretty far fetched but it knows it's a comedy and has enough talent to keep it from getting stupid. Jason Mantzoukas has one of the most laugh riotous performances I recall seeing in a while.

Noms: Jason Mantzoukas for acting.


I watched this because I'm a sucker for Philip K. Dick stories. This is a whole lot of so bad it's almost good. Nicolas Cage seems to take some of his roles just because he likes to be in Las Vegas.

Noms: none.

Gerald's Game

Stephen King adaptations can be really good when they are of smaller, more contained stories. His best stories aren't limited to the ones that are more contained, but this excels for tension, horror and as a snapshot of the will to survive.

Noms: none.


I have to admit I got a little lost concerning the motivations of some of the characters early in the movie. It didn't feel as though enough tension was built up and I felt as though the problem solving of the main character could have been utilized more to build on the plot. The best part of the movie was more of a flashed through side plot later in the movie involving the son character.

Noms: none.

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