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Flying Too Close To The Sun

Over the last few weeks I have watched: John Dies at the End (2012), Wind River (2017), Columbus (2017), Logan Lucky (2017), Little Evil (2017), Icarus (2017), Trouble With The Curve (2012).

A very very very cold western.  Very.

John Dies at the End

Written by writer David Wong, I've enjoyed this one as an entertaining urban fantasy that feels as though it's building a greater world than just this story. It's not the highest quality movie as far as the budget goes, but it takes that as far as it can and it only adds to the charm of it all.

Noms: none.

Wind River

I think it was in the first five minutes of this movie that I could feel in my torso that I was going to really like this movie. I was right. This fits well with Sicario and Hell or High Water, both from the same writer. It's not quite as visually stunning as those two movies, but that's a very high bar. I have been enjoying the lengths that the western genre has gone in the last ten years.

Noms: Elizabeth Olsen and Gil Birmingham for acting, Taylor Sheridan for writing.


While this has a very visually interesting setting of a small midwestern town filled with interesting architecture, the characters and the story didn't quite grab me. I was really glad, however, to see John Cho as a leading man and thought he more than lived up to it. I feel like the only thing standing in his way from being a George Clooney type of actor is the opportunity to be up for those parts. There was a bit too much smoking in this movie for it to not be distracting for me.

Noms: none.

Logan Lucky

More often than not I will really enjoy a Soderbergh movie and this is no exception. I think this is actually an improvement in story in many ways to the Oceans movies even if the number of actors, music, and bright colors don't live up. The ensemble is boosted by great parts for Hillary Swank, Riley Keough, Katie Holmes and Katherine Waterston despite the questionable use of Seth MacFarlane.

Noms: Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig for acting, Ensemble acting.

Little Evil

This is a good comedy, a nice time, worth a watch. It's not a great movie and might not work quite as well as Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. I really like the subversion of horror and fantasy from this movie as well as John Dies at the End. They succeed by taking their stories seriously even if they poke fun at tropes, and by caring more about legitimately funny comedy rather than leaning on camp.

Noms: none.


This might be my favorite documentary of the year so far. It seems to be just about a man trying to see how much effect PED's can have on a body and turns into something bigger. It's incredible how each revelation exposed in the movie shows that it is more and more relevant to the current events of the day. This is not one to miss.

Noms: Bryan Fogel for directing.

Trouble With The Curve

It's pretty embarrassing how this movie tries to assert its understanding of baseball, scouting and advanced metrics and falls flat on its face. This is a mess.

Noms: none.

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