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I have watched No Country For Old Men (2007), Becoming Bond (2017), John Carter (2012), Logan Noir (2017) , Oklahoma City (2017) and Handsome (2017).

No legs either.

No Country For Old Men

This one's pretty easy, it stands as one of the best movies of all time despite the rambling peter out of an ending that is Tommy Lee Jones' monologue. At times it's practically a silent film while the camera gives the viewer a visual mystery they are walked through. This movie is notorious for not giving us everything but leaving the implication of branches of the story line to the viewer to figure out. It is still an easy movie to sit down an watch and appreciate how great it is.

Noms: The Coen Brothers writing and directing, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Kelly Macdonald for acting, and Roger Deakins for cinematography.

Becoming Bond

This is a documentary about George Lazenby of only On Her Majesty's Secret Service fame. It is mostly reenactments of the mildly entertaining stories Lazenby tells. Sure it's interesting that he basically conned his way into being James Bond... he really conned his way into the room, admitted he conned his way in and the director basically said "I like your spunk! You're the new James Bond! I have suffered a head injury!"

Noms: none

John Carter

I really enjoyed this when it came out contrary to everything you've heard about this movie. It's rather fun and has great sci-fi special effects, but the things I have overlooked do not age well. The naming of everything in this movie is painful to listen to and it would have served the movie a lot better to have been more lucky in casting. The leads aren't bad, but they just miss out on having enough charisma to carry the whole movie, which is why I can't recall the actors names, and you wouldn't recognize them if I did. I do love the special effects and the landscapes in this movie. It's a visual treat.

Noms: Special effects.

Logan Noir

The black and white version of Logan works incredibly well thanks to some masterfully crafted cinematography. I already loved the original version of this movie and this alternate presentation only enhances the experience for me.

Noms: Cinematography for John Mathieson.

Oklahoma City

Rather informative documentary about the Oklahoma City Bombing and the events that inspired Timothy McVey to perpetrate the attack. This is well made and I'm glad it wasn't limited to a shorter run time, although when it ended I was kind of hoping for more. I'm glad they put effort into such a crafted inspection into the world of patriot groups in the US, although they made it seem as though their impact ended after the bombing rather than morphing through the years into more political movements.

Noms: none.


Jeff Garlin's most recently directed movie, Handsome is a fun noir-ish detective story that mixes great jokes and a great cast in a light world of Detective Handsome. I enjoyed it, the pacing seemed a little off at times but Garlin, Natasha Lyonne, and Amy Sedaris kept me laughing.

Noms: none

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