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3, 2, 1 ... Lift Off!

Hi there. DD here. Pete’s wife. According to him there’s infinite space on this blog. And he needs a soundtrack expert.

What’s my qualification for being a soundtrack expert? Nada. I’d like to think I represent a musically uneducated every-(wo)man. These soundtrack reviews are about what makes me feel good. They are heavily biased. In no particular order. And hopefully make you feel good too. In the interest of bringing good feels, here is my first soundtrack review:

Hidden no more, these women make history and Pharrell blasts off the beat.

Hidden Figures

Let me qualify that there is much to say about this movie, its reflection on women who were courageous and historically significant. Who nevertheless persisted and by being Firsts allowed other women to step in and claim a space that was waiting to be opened up to them. But that review will have to come from the hubster since movies are Pete’s dept. Here is my take on the music.

First of all, music matters. When you feel frustrated about the events around you or need to feel a sense of back-up in a fractured society, music especially matters. Pharrell dominates the soundtrack and brings sweet musical release and empowerment to the audience. His song Runnin’ (I know they say you crawl 'fore you walk But in my mind I already jog) and Able (Don’t you know that we’re able? That alone makes us major!) are empowerment anthems. Buy the soundtrack for these alone. You too will be playing these songs on loop and bobbing your head to the base. His Able lyric Say yeah. Yes! Yes we can! took the message that we knew and need. And put it to music so you wont forget it. And who doesn't need to hear that? Go ahead. Give a listen.

This movie also introduced me to Janelle Monáe. If like me you are musically uneducated, she is that singer from the dancing-through-time 2016 Pepsi Super bowl ad. And she adds the song Jalapeno to the soundtrack. Kinda an echoy ain't-no-holla back girl song. But more flirty. She has been big for awhile (I am late to this party) and while she is known for her music and dance skills she brings serious acting chops to her resume with this movie. After her portrayal of Mrs Mary Jackson I look forward to seeing her in many movies to come.

Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, and Kim Burrell round out the sound track (Burrell's I See Victory has a call and respond church quality that reminds you that you too can make history with your own forward march). What can I say. These songs will speak to different people in different ways. I have no doubt women of color will appreciate them on more intimate levels than I. But for me, at I time that I am sickened by the news popping up on my daily news feed, this soundtrack is my welcomed refuge: sounds of affirmation, motivation, joy and perseverance. And I appreciate the women who fight that fight in their own time. Courage is the undernote of the album. Enjoy.

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