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Elf Movie II

Yesterday I watched Lord of the Rings The Two Towers (2002).

Including many but not all stars of show.

Most consistently, this has been my favorite LOTR movie, and that could mean it has been my favorite movie of all, at times. Oddly, when the extended versions came out, this was the one movie of the three that I did not buy until just the last couple of years. Luckily for me, the blu-ray extended versions were suddenly quite affordable not too long ago so my collection was updated. I hate to admit that they're the 3rd copies I had bought for the first and third movies.

It's pretty fun to suddenly watch a newer longer version of one of your favorite movies about ten years after it came out. If I was incredibly patient and forward thinking, I would have waited on extended versions for all three movies.

I remember the first time I saw this movie on DVD. It actually hadn't been released on DVD yet and I was away on Semester at Sea during college. We went around the pacific rim in a cruise ship where we took classes while at sea and went on excursions when we were at port. There were a couple of longer stretches on the ship between Alaska and Japan and Japan and Australia where we were at sea. There was no TV, internet was expensive by the minute, and you could watch movies on the ship's TV channel, that you could donate a DVD to if you brought one. Someone brought a bootleg version of Two Towers and that was one of the few times I remember huddling around one of the TV's in the common area to watch a movie.

During these long stretches after our three classes of the day (I took a survey class of the pacific rim, a class on terrorism and a class on East Asian History) and after any school work had been taken care of, I would meet with my group of friends in the large common area where we could play board games. One of the favorites was a Lord of the Rings version of Risk. You had to concur all off Middle Earth to win the game and it even came with a plastic one ring to rule them all. It had no purpose in the game, it was just there for the one guy who had been away from land just a little too long to stare at and rub with a single finger.

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