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Elf Movie I

Tonight I watched Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring (2001).

You can bring a horse to water...

In our household, we have a little tradition of watching the Lord of the Rings movies around Christmas time. My wife enjoys this movie the most of the LOTR trilogy, although I place it third in the three. I don't dislike this movie, I love it, I just like the other two more. There was a time I liked it more than Return of the King but that film has grown on me over the years.

I think I first saw this movie with my brother. We had a string of seeing all three original movies when they came out in the theater together although there might have been a few of those years he lived in another state and I was rather busy in college. There was always a way for Lord of the Rings. He had all of the books, I think he read through them all as a teenager, and I think he would admit he forgot a lot of what he had read. I didn't last very long reading from his old books before feeling overwhelmed by the great number of pages I had ahead of me. I had a tendency to give up on recreational reading if it seemed the slightest bit daunting, yet somehow I shook that off within days of starting law school.

The amazing thing about this movie is that the extended version really adds to the theatrical cut. It's better in the longer form and doesn't drag at any point. It's just as fresh and exciting every year when I rewatch this series of movies. It's more of a world to enjoy than a movie, or series of movies to watch through.

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