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Carol Reed WWII Bookend

I continued my apparent 1940's filmfest today with Carol Reed's Night Train to Munich (1940).

Laughs!  Exitement! Thrills! More lipstick!

I'm a big fan of The Third Man directed by Carol Reed so I was interested in checking out this movie about the start of World War II. It seems like it would have been a very fresh film at the time as this movie from 1940 even goes into a concentration camp, although it doesn't quite know the full context of the camps that would be known years later.

This movie is impressive for the way that it mixes footage from real life in the Nazi invasions in the late '30's with pretty sophisticated sets. I had never seen this before today and I mostly enjoyed it. It was a little hard to follow the characters and the story at times but it definitely has the seeds of The Third Man in it. It was very fun to see the final scene that is played with to an incredible level in the climax of Grand Budapest Hotel right down to the detachment from reality in the artwork for the tram and the mountains.

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