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Daredevil meets Taxi Driver in a Fantasy Romp.

Tonight I watched Stardust (2007).

Let's get everyone in dresses

This movie was the first time I was really made aware of Neil Gaiman, Matthew Vaughn, Charlie Cox and Mark Strong. I may have seen some of their work elsewhere but this was the first place I really took notice of any of them. I was a bit late on Neil Gaiman and even though I was starting to get into reading graphic novels around the time this movie came out, I don't think I could have picked out any of his critically acclaimed works for a couple of years after.

Vaughn is a director that I've noted in here is a lesser known director by his name but his body of work is incredible. He has almost exclusively worked on adapting graphic novels or comic books to screen with Stardust, Kick-Ass, X-Men First Class, and Kingsman, and he has made each of those films rise above being just adaptations.

This movie is a fun fantasy film that touches on feelings that come from Harry Potter films, the Golden Compass movie, and the swashbuckling of Time Bandits.

One last note. I looked back to see if this was really the first time I had seen Mark Strong and saw that he had a credit for Sunshine in the '90's. I was confused because I was certain that came out after I graduated from college, although I did know he was in the Danny Boyle film. I scrolled down a little more and saw the 2007 film as well. It seems he has been in two very different movies with the exact title. The other Sunshine movie doesn't seem as interesting.

Letterboxd review.

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