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Mr. Doctor

I didn't see a Pete Doctor movie this weekend, I saw the new film Doctor Strange (2016).

You got a little Matrix on your Inception.

This is a visual stunner. My mouth was agape for a good portion of the second half of the movie. Don't worry, this movie doesn't wait around before it unpacking the special effects as the very first scene gives the audience a taste of the style of action in an impressive wall climbing spectacle of action.

I had a couple of worries going into seeing the movie. I was worried the visuals wouldn't live up to the history of psychedelically drawn Doctor Strange comics from the '60's and '70's. That worry was taken away pretty quickly and my hopes were exceeded by the time the Doctor finds his way to Nepal. The other worry was that this movie would fall into an exposition hole and be mostly a movie about a surgeon rather than a mystical superhero. This film paces the exposition and world building expertly and seems to have taken a few cues from Harry Potter movies for the ability to introduce the magical elements and the conflict to the main character and the audience at the same time.

Immediately after the movie ended my wife said to me that she thought this was the best Marvel movie she has seen. I don't think I can argue with that. There's a lot of great Marvel movies and they all know how to press different buttons of what the audience will want to see rather than mashing action and characters together and hoping they don't get Batman v. Superman... or Suicide Squad. I think this adds to my thought that all of the Marvel movies fit very nicely together as if watching a show and it is the brand to say is especially great, even more than the individual movies. I think that comes to light when some critical lists of the most successfully executed Marvel movies disagree so much that they will swap top five with bottom five and give relevant arguments for why any movie fits in the top five.

It's a fun look at the city of Kathmandu. I feel like I walked by a lot of the sights from the movie on our trip last year. The movie felt like a big reminder of how much I liked our month long visit last year. And it's true, they will give you the wi-fi password because they aren't monsters.

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