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Hamiltonian Blast

This weekend my wife and I watched Great Performances Hamilton's America (2016)

"Alexander Hamilton," sung to the tune of Alexander Hamilton.

Last fall I saw the 60 Minutes piece on the Hamilton musical and made a point to show it to my wife who was recently discovering more and more musicals she had not seen before and getting very excited about them all. I think she was reluctant at first about the idea of the musical until she saw the segment. Very quickly she was excited and on Christmas Eve we both gave each other one gift each to surprise each other with the Chernow book and the cast recording. She then went to listen to the cast recording almost every time she went in to the gym and that inspired her to have even more fun working out and would work out a little longer than if she didn't bring the album with her.

This documentary is really cool because it gives a look at the writing process of the musical while also showing performances and giving additional historical background. Neither of us have seen the musical in person and it was great to get to know a lot of the cast members as they get tours of historical locations and talk about the people their characters are based on.

This documentary got both of us excited to some day see the show in person and it was also a great to see the other performances coming up in the series this season, although I'm sure I won't actually get around to see any of them. Oh well. So much for culture.

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