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Dusk of the Potter Chronicles

Today I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (2010).

Two Guys and Girl and Some Deathly Hallows... Part 1.

This film series really has trotted from bright colors in the early movies of their fun times wizardly childhoods into the never ending blue dusk of the Hallows. By this movie it's a little hard to see some of the action although the cool blue lighting lets us see just enough to have some sense of what's going on.

My favorite section of this movie was the animated telling of the story of the brothers of Deathly Hallows fame. Harry and friends are growing up fast, no longer have time to messing around in school and I'm sure this movie would not be kind of smellivision viewers as they don't seem to have a shower by their tent and travel toilets like a bunch of turds.

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