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Tron 2: The Quest For More Money

Okay, it's not as bad of a movie as being just a quest for more money, as the soundtrack by Daft Punk seems to be the basis for a lot of pop culture now, Mr. Robot being the most notable. Today I re-watched Tron: Legacy (2010).

No religious symbolism, nothing to see here.

It's a fun movie with great special effects and interesting world building (including building of whole sports that seem like they'd be fun to play) with a great soundtrack and an enticingly futuristic color palate. The story is a little goofy, and the dialogue is a little crazier than goofy at times.

Not everything makes logical sense. The main character falls on the top of a taxi at the beginning of the movie and the taxi driver decides that the reasonable thing to do would be to speed up and swerve to get the human being off the top of his car. What was that character thinking? He seemed to want to cause pretty serious bodily harm (probably some level of paralysis) because an unknown person he has never met before has landed on top of his car. I'm pretty sure the reasonable thing to do would be to gradually slow down and check on the person to make sure you haven't killed a person. It's not a real gripe, it's really a gripe about peripheral characters who seem to invested in the plot they don't know about in all of film.

It's a nice afternoon watch that helps create a relaxed mood that can be good for getting work done around the house. Sometimes it's just fun to get some sci-fi action in shiny suits on the TV

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