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In for a Spin

Today I watched the table tennis documentary Top Spin (2014) on Netflix.

Child Labor power's our nation's ping pong industrial complex.

The other day I saw a little of the table tennis coverage at the Olympics and it was not quite as interesting as I remembered the sport being in the past, and I also saw a fencing match that turned me from thinking that was a rather boring sport to watch to finding it rather captivating.

This movie is a very interesting look at three very young top table tennis players in the US as they tried to train and compete to get into the London Olympics. One boy goes to China to train for a couple of months and to NYC to train and perform at a ping pong club, the two girls train so much that their classmates have trouble relating to the effort they put in to a sport that is not considered more than a hobby in the basement.

This is an interesting look at the hard work ethic and focus of the millenial generation as well as showing a taste of the mental resiliency and sense of humor that doesn't go away even when they are training to compete with and beat adults in the same field.

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