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Star Trek Minute

Tonight we made it out to a date night to see Star Trek Beyond (2016).

Warp to the end...

Star Trek gets back to doing things right with this Simon Pegg screenplay that investigates the implications of living life on a spaceship in what feels like an unending series of episodes that grows tedious to action-junkie Captain Kirk. This sets up the feeling that they are living in a series and harkens back to the original show in which problems require the main characters to find solutions together.

It's interesting to see the characters ultimately confined by lesser technology at the height of the conflict, much like Tony Stark having to be a hero without his suit in Iron Man 3. Simon Pegg drops a hint of one of his most recurring jokes of having a character say "skip to the end..." as another is explaining or expressing something important yet long-winded to them. This goes back to the first episode of Spaced and was called back in the later episodes as well as being used in at least one of the Cornetto films.

My only issue is that, at least in 3D, the camera movements and fast cuts are too quick to follow in action sequences. I'm assuming this is the result of Fast and Furious director Justin Lin predictions in action. He does an overall excellent job, but the action gets a little overwhelming and overdone at times. I look forward to seeing all three of these Star Trek movies together in the future as well as any continuations in the series.

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